Saturday, 8 July 2017

The End Of The Journey?

 On the 1st July 2017, Kerry & I were at Birmingham City Church for my ordination.

In one sense, this seemed like the end of a long journey that had come to its finishing point as I officially became a 'Reverend'.

Many years earlier I had given up an executive lifestyle with the money and company car and decided upon a different kind of life.
  I was the local church organist and had no ambitions or desire to move from the organ seat at the back of the church. Our Vicar, Rev. Val had other ideas and had me play the piano for monthly family services. This meant being at the front, where you could see everyone and in turn be seen, I was not comfortable with this but it was what was required of me.
  Kerry and I started to do more as our involvement increased under the guidance and training of Rev. Val and one day she paid for us to go to Eastbourne for the weekend to the 'Mission Worship' conference.
  This was an eye-opener, for the first time I experienced worship bands with worship leaders and people raising their hands in worship.
  I walked along the beach and had a conversation with the Lord and He made it clear that He wanted a service, along the lines of the ones I had just experienced, in Doddington. "I can't do that"! "I don't know how to, they wouldn't like it, I'm not the right person to do it". You get the idea, it was Moses all over again.
  It was what God wanted and it happened, Kerry and I started a new service on a Friday evening called Friday Night Live. I bought the equipment I needed and a wonderful Christian called Matt from the Kings Church, in Wisbech, contacted me and helped me with the things I didn't know about to make it happen.
  The following year in Eastbourne, I was walking on the beach and had another conversation with the Lord. He was pleased with Friday Night Live and my progress so far but now He wanted more. He wanted me in His service full time.
  I moved to a small church in march and continued in an assistant pastor role for a time before going away to bible college. I felt that I had gone as far as I could without the deeper knowledge and understanding of the scriptures that I could only gain from college.
  This was a difficult time for Kerry, I wasn't earning any money and the whole financial burden was on her whilst I was away, and there was the fact that I was living away.
  When I returned I was the assistant Pastor for a year until the Pastors of the church retired and Elim made me the Pastor of the church. I was still officially training, I was a minister in training, but with all my experience they were happy for me to lead the church; and I did have a mentor keeping an eye on things and I could go to him when I needed him.
  Three years of leading Elim March and Kerry & I find ourselves at BCC at my ordination, so is this the end of the journey?
  None of us know what life has in store for us, in my case what plans the Lord has on my life. My calling on the beach that day was simply to work in His service full time, he didn't say where or with what church or indeed what I would be doing.
  This now is only the start of the journey, I have had some great training from C of E and Elim ministers as well as the wonderful Elim Bible college. The experience of the last eight years in ministry and the people I have come into contact with are all a part of the church minister I am today.
  It's up to you now Lord, I am here - ready to serve in whatever capacity you choose.

Peace and Blessings to you all.

Rev. Adrian.